Sunday, May 10, 2020

Really Lousy Marketing Logic

Restaurants have for some reason decided to prevent people from casually perusing their online menus until they've opened an order -- which won't happen if the nearest store isn't yet set up for online ordering.

This is bad public relations. Sometimes it can even cost them a drive-thru order if someone wants to know what the options are before they get close enough to read the menu board. In this day of closed dining rooms, you can be in line for several minutes before reaching the menu board, and if you're trying someplace new or simply haven't bothered to memorize the menu (I'm told they can even change between visits!), that's a pain in the ass.

I want the chains to imagine carloads of hungry people driving by one of their stores with a huge backup in the drive-thru lane, and trying to have a look at the menu before deciding to brave that wait. Except the menu can't be found on the website. So they decide to download the app and look at it that way. It ain't there either.

"Can't find their menu anywhere, guys."

"Screw it, I just found the Five Guys menu online. Let's go there instead."

"They don't have a drive-thru."

"I downloaded their app. They have curbside."


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