Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Joe Biden Interviews Prospective Running Mates, 5

Biden: "Hey-hey! Fredo, my man! Good to see you! Come on in, take a load off! How ya doing?"

Gov. Andrew Cuomo: "The name is Andrew, Joe."

Biden: "Right, right. I guess you know why I've asked you here. This Wu Tang Flu thing may be just the opportunity we Democrats need to pry Trump out of the Oval Office."

Cuomo: "I couldn't agree more."

Biden: "And your performance in dealing with the crisis in New Jersey -- "

Cuomo: "New York."

Biden: "Right, right. Well, your performance in dealing with the Bat Soup Virus has really inspired confidence all over the place. I know I'm impressed, and I'm really, really easy to impress!"

Cuomo: "That's what I've been hearing."

Biden: "So I'm thinking you and I need to team up for this fall's campaign. You and me, Biden and Corleone -- "

Cuomo: "Cuomo."

Biden: " -- taking back the country from all that malarkey Trump's been shoveling. What do you say?"

Cuomo: "Joe, I'm gonna level with you. I think you're right that I need to be a part of this fall's campaign to beat Trump."

Biden: "All right!! Up high, Fredo! Come on, slap me some skin! Hey, don't leave me hanging..."

Cuomo: "It's you I'm not sure about, Joe. You're losing your grip and it shows. Nobody respects a guy that can't keep it together."

Biden: "Wh-- wha...?"

Cuomo: "I'm sorry, Joe. It's nothing personal. Just business. You understand."

Biden: "Who are those guys, Fredo? Gosh they're big..."

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