Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Democrats Deprive Trump of Reaganesque Opportunity

In 1984, when 73-year-old Ronald Reagan was seeking a second term, he and his Democrat opponent, 56-year-old Walter Mondale of Minnesota, participated in what was at the time still a recent innovation in presidential campaigns: the televised debate.

The news media, among others, had been talking about Reagan's age -- he had been the oldest man ever elected president, and four years later was seeking to be the oldest man ever re-elected president -- and observers were curious whether he would address the question, and if so, how.

In 2020, with President Trump turning 74 in June and the Democrats now down to choosing between 77-year-old Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders who'll be 79 in September, there will obviously be no such opportunity for Trump to echo Reagan's punch line.

Ah, well. What might have been...

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